Friday, October 20, 2017

:Playing Project Cars 7.30 EST :) #supportsmallstreamers #projectcarsgame #gaming #streamingmygames

Continuing with my game playing, Going for a spin in Project Cars

Twitch Streaming Page –

10.20.2017 –  Decided to energize my stream tonight, so I'm going to start with Project Cars (the first one), using the wheel, etc… I can't drive, you'll see that, come and watch me make a prat of myself, but I will break at 10pm EST most Fridays to take my little doggie for her night time walk. Then when I come back, I'll switch to a chill stream, like Fallout 4

Feel free to come along and watch for a little while, give me your input, tell your friends.

For now, I'm starting small, 2 days a week, 2 hours in those days, full time life trumps streaming, but I'm trying.

Your welcome to join my Discord server and meet new friends, chat to old ones (server needs people 🙂 )

Discord Channel –

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