Friday, September 29, 2017

About 2 stream,workin on 1 of many projects #supportsmallstreamers #gamedev #gamemakerstudio #indiedev

At 7.30pm EST I'll start my stream of my development side/coding, for a couple of hours

Twitch Streaming Page –

I am trying to move along with 'Highrise Escape', and I have a few bugs to iron out and a few new things to implement, slow and steady wins the race. 🙂

09/29/2017 – So, between the last stream and this one, I've removed the compatibility scripts and I've been tweaking a few things, I'm trying to introduce 'furniture' (be tweaking that tonight) and now I've got my level generation working proper, I've re-introduced the elevators (i.e. to get between levels) I've reduced some of the graphics to make the rooms look bigger and made a few underlying tweaks. This stream will mainly be bug finding, tweaking, deleting code, and testing and re-testing routines to see if they work.

Feel free to come along and watch for a little while, give me your input, tell your friends.

For now, I'm starting small, 2 days a week, 2 hours in those days, full time life trumps streaming, but I'm trying.

Your welcome to join my Discord server and meet new friends, chat to old ones (server is new and empty at the moment)

Discord Channel –

Enjoy this picture of a stream……, streaming, geddit? 🙂

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