Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Still keeping the fingers in the #indiedev and #gamedev pies.

I find it so difficult to maintain a blog/log/vlog or anything of that nature, I'd like to say I'll try once a month, but if I've only made a little change I always feel that it's not that important to tell people.

So as you know, I'm trying to get a game done, it might take years, but as long as I get it done by the time I retire and it's a hit, well, I'll have my retirement money.

So, I got to the point were I thought, I need to design levels, and my original code [warning geeky bit coming up] basically read in a file that was hand-drawn using Tiled (3rd party tile/map editor), and then draw it to the screen, but it was too restricted for me, if I wanted to make the level bigger I'd have to draw it. That I can't be bothered with.

So I decided to try to do random level generation, now I'd tried this a while back, I'd watched YouTube videos and copied what they did, while it worked, it was too slow. I'd read about how the guy who did Spelunky did it, and again, I tried (this was a while back) and it failed, so it sorta put me off.

One day, I was doing something else around the home, and all of a sudden I had a thought "what if I did it this way" so for the past month, I've been working on random level generation.

All it does, [geeky alert] it's a lot of if/then statements, saying, ok, the room to my left has this opening, so the next room can only be one of these, also check the room above (if there is one), and it does this, 12 rooms across by 12 rooms down, I can go to about 18 by 18, but after that the generation is too slow and I don't want the user to be waiting (unless I put a [please wait] thingy in there, but we'll see). So, you'll see by the little animation below, I'm hitting R on the keyboard and a new level is being generated. I could make levels smaller, so I can use that as 'level difficulty'

I've got other ideas in my head at the moment, but for now, I wanted to show 'some' progress. I'll try to remember to put some stuff up as I can.

You can download the .exe from my site here and test it yourself. The boxes and numbers and 'deleted spaces' are all 'debugging' routines, as I want to make it as 'correct' as possible.[SRE]_POC.exe

[geeky people, SRE = Single Runtime Executable and POC = Proof Of Concept]

Feel free to provide feedback, most of you will have my email address, if not, get me on FB, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.

Laters Peeps.

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Why Oh Why, Oh, Why, people need some #wednesdaywisdom

So, I get these regularly but I figured I might as well put this on the front page, so if one of 'those' people try again, they might realize that it's not worth it.

So, this website you are viewing, doesn't have anything worthwhile, it has no shopping cart option, it's has no sensitive information, etc, but I do understand that people might want to try to get into the back end so they can use it as a 'bot', maybe even try to get my email addresses to use, but then again, my emails address I use have 2FA, so if you try to use them from anywhere other than my registered PC's I'll know.

But, c'mon guys… give it up, every-time someone tries to access it, I get a copy of the username you are trying and the IP address you are trying from (with or without VPN), so it shows me what usernames NOT to use and I just log all the IP's and if you even try to get into the back end, if you manage to get past my VPS host, I have a 'jail' on my system to if you try to brute force in (even though I only login with SSH credentials anyhow) your IP you are using gets 'jailed' and you'll have to keep changing your IP to try again, on something that is not going to work.

Stop wasting your time, move onto another, less secure website, it's ruining my day having to hit 'delete' on the email I get.


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