Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Video Meanies compiled to Apple Mac and Linux for testing #indiedev #gamedev #gaming #WednesdayWisdom

A wise person once told me, listen to your userbase. 🙂

After getting a little feed back from my first post, it would appear there is a need for a Linux version and a Mac version.

Having the option to do this, I decided I would. So, that being said, I've compiled both and I have tested it on El Capitan on the Mac, and Ubuntu 16.04LTS on Linux.

Links are below.

I'm assuming if you are a Linux user you'll know how to install and the same goes for Mac users, if you are unable to install it, remember, Google is your friend. I pretended to be a user who didn't know and found plenty of links around to show me how to get things working, to stop the 'security questions' on the Apple Mac, how to download and install a .deb package, etc, etc

Feel free to provide feedback if they don't work on your machine, but only when it comes to the running of the game, not on how to get it installed, etc

Linux Ubuntu 16.04LTS

Linux Application as zip

Linux Debian Package

Apple Mac El Captian

Hope you enjoy it. (Hope it works 🙂 )

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I guess I now need some bug-testers, anyone? #indiedev #gamedev #gaming

I think I'm done, I have all parts in place, I have a fully playable game, I have a remake, can I believe it, I'll have too.

So, you are welcome to download it below from the link and try it out, nothing major has changed, except all the debug routines have been removed (or have them, mwahahahaha… but I will know based on any screenshots)

The keys are WASD, Cursor, or Original keys from the C16 to move (if you hold down and left or right, you'll shoot from the lower half of your body for the lower bricks) or Joystick D-Pad

Space, Return or Joystick Fire, will fire a bullet, this will kill enemies or destroy bricks to get through them, and sometimes you can't see them all… 🙂

Some rooms may be more deadly than others, you'll find that out the hard way, unless your really bright and it will be obvious.

Highscore routine works, you change the default letters (my initials) with Z or X and Return/Enter to accept the letter

I've probably missed some code snippet somewhere, if you get an error, please copy and paste the error screen (or screenshot it) and let me know, I'd like to get this bug free.

If, after you've played the original on an emulator or the real machine (if you are that lucky) and you find the re-spawn rate is too fast or too slow, or the lasers are wrong, fast, slow, etc… anything, let me know, again, with the screenshot of the room of concern and what the issue is (you can't get this information to me via either my social media or the contact me, although you'll not be able to get the screenshot to me, unless you upload it somewhere and provide a link)

Right, I'm rambling too much now, it's waaayyy past my bedtime, only getting this typed up as the wife is watching #DWTS (Dancing with the stars)

So, the link is here

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Remake getting closer and closer to completion #indiedev #gamedev #gaming

I'm still plugging along with this C16 remake (Video Meanies) and I think it's coming along quite well. I have still have a few things to do, sounds/audio, high score and probably a few bugs I'm unaware off at the moment. I haven't been able to test the joystick routine yet (keep forgetting) although the code is in there. Few other features I need to implement, like on the original, certain walls would actually kill you if you touch them, etc

Decided to release an .exe into the wild (see link below). Feel free to download, play and provide feedback (or any bugs you may find).

Controls are Joystick (if it works) or Keys.

From loading it up, you'd press F1 to start (or it cycles through the screens, like a demo mode) and then you choose K for Keys, or J for Joystick (if it

WASD / Cursors to move around [Joystick D-Pad if it works]

Space to fire (to kill enemies or shoot away bricks, visible or not) [Joystick A Button if it works]

[Cheats in background for debugging, getting out of a bind and WILL be removed on final release]

G – God Mode on or off (i.e. you will not die)

R – Replenish Lives back to max amount

F – Fast move (it allows you to walk through walls too, but will only go to a screen that is there)

I – Information at mouse for Debug Data

Insert – Display Overlay [Will Slow down the game, only for a quick on and then off]

So, the link to download it is here… please try and let me know if things need to be changed (after you've compared it to the original, like enemy re-spawn rate, laser beam speeds, enemy speeds, etc)

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Taking a coding breather, but not, at the same time, mixing coding with nostalgia #gaming #indiedev #gamedev

Bit of an update, so I've had someone reach out to me and offer their services as a designer and graphician (if that is a word). They are going through a home move at the moment, but as I've explained I'm not on a deadline, so I'm waiting for them to get that done and we can then catch up and see if the 'joint venture' is going to work.

I decided to take a 'breather' from 'HighRise Escape' mainly because the more design and code I have in it, the more that could potentially have to be changed based on another persons input. But I wanted to keep my fingers in the pie (I like using that expression) so I decided to a clone. Now, I did, a while back, try to do a 'SkyKid' clone, but because of IP issues I decided to put that on hold, as I didn't fancy any 'cease and desist' letters, etc

So, I went on the hunt for a game to 'clone' which took me back to my youth, when I got my first computer, a Commodore 16, there was a little game on their called 'Video Meanies' and it was cool, simple and fun (although some YouTube video's on it these days, some people don't like it)

I took it upon myself to clone this game. (or at least start the clone process)

If you can get, and install an emulator (plenty of google, YouTube, websites to help you with that) you can then download a ROM of the game. A good place to start about Plus 4 Emulation (the C16's bigger brother you could say) you could go to and hunt around. So once you've looked for the game and seen how it played (or is played), you'll understand why my version looks like this. Plenty of bugs, haven't really scratched the surface, but the back bone is there.

No .exe yet, It's not at the stage I feel releasable yet, the bugs can cause a disappointing feel, but you can look at it in the .gif below.

Happy Coding Peeps.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

mock-ups or mocks-up? prototyping a title screen/menu for my project #lazysunday #gaming #indiedev #gamedev

A week as gone by with no updates from me. Were did that week go?

So, I've been brainstorming big time, been playing games (yeah, shock horror) and I've been using these games to get some ideas, well, ideas said very loosely as technically it's copying, or is it?

I've setup a Kanban (see there was something about hosting my own Kanban, other than using various online ones, a lot of the 'free' online ones are free, but when you get to the parts that you need they become premium.

So, with that setup, I have a means of tracking, organizing and generally trying to keep on top of my project.

The other day I was thinking to myself, I've been on this project for around a year now, and it started to shock me, then I stumbled across a game on a website that showcases indie games, and the dude who made it stated it took him 5 years. That allowed me to wipe my brow, give a little phew, and continue without any worries.

So, this week I've been trying to knock some form of menu system together, I need to try to get to the stage that I have 'parts' of the game done, while they may not look graphically sound, it's a back bone to show a potential graphics artist what my vision was, and that may allow them to join in, change things, suggest things, etc. I think I also need to make some simple sound effects for said menu system, just a couple of chinks, plings or whooshes as I navigate around.

Problem is, when I get to near completion of the menu, it means I need to move onto something else, something else that might be a little more difficult and scary, but I have to have the bad with the good… right?

What you think?

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday, day of rest, do I do any coding today? #sundaymorning #indiedev #gamedev

I've been having an issue recently with my site and a plugin, that I reached out to the creator, now I totally get the creators direction on this, as there as been soooooo many times, I think… "don't you search Google, first?" or "why don't you use the Outlook Search Bar for your emails" etc. Even his support ticket directs you to a FAQ, as he probably get sooo many emails.

What I don't understand though, the issue I have with 'said' plugin in, it's only certain criteria that cause the problem, so I raised a ticket, provided a little info and hoped I'd get a reply that would would help…… Nope. I was directed to a FAQ, the one I'd already read over and it didn't help me.

So, really this post is to test if the plugin is working under 'other' criteria and then I'll send the log results and hopefully they may be able to help.

Oh, and like the heading said, I've not decided if I'm going to do any coding today or not, after all, it's a Sunday and a lot of people (I know people do work on a Sunday, I've been there) do have a relaxing day on a Sunday..

I hope yours is relaxing too.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Flamethrowers and Counters, little more coding in the bag - #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev

Still moving forwards with this, I've been thinking

about weapons and score keeping. I decided to make some notes and try to

make a start on some of the weapons.

Wanted to learn about

Particles, so for this, I figured a Flamethrower would be a good

choice, as you can see below in the little video it turned out not too

bad. Had to add more options to my Weapon routine though, like ammo (or

in the case of the flamethrower, would be fuel) and I also had to add a

'range', I figured that power-ups could happen, longer shooting guns,

longer flames, etc.

Particles will be give me other options

that I'll work on, like a flame on the back end of the RPG, or lights

in darkened rooms, blood splatter… they can evolve.


the heading I also mention the counter, well, I've started on it, at the

moment it's a simple score counter, but I've got a friend helping me

who is trying to make it work like a proper odometer, fingers crossed

@HayMan_Marc will pull something out of the bad for me. (his site can be

found here –


to hunt down an offline Kanban, I need something that works 'offline' a

bit like Trello, but that is another story, for now, I'll just keep my

notes in a text file.

Trying to also think of a decent name, so far I'm up to Highrise Escape, thoughts and suggestions on a postcard.

Slow evolution, but evolution I'm happy with none the less.

You can download the latest version from here.[no_installer].exe

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

First Impressions Last, impressed I was. :) #arbys @Arbys #WhyICantConcentrate

So, you know sometimes you see items online, and I'm talking fast-food or food in general, like the outer box of a product you'd buy in your favorite store/shop.

Well, since I've been in the states, I've never been to Arby's, the wife was always putting me off, last time she tried Arby's was over 20 years ago though and digging deeper it is because she doesn't like cold roast beef, and back then, that is all was available in the store she went. But, I convinced her. We were both impressed. Like the first paragraph states, getting something that looks like the picture is always a bonus.

This was scrummy, and while it's was a touch expensive (understandably, because of all the meats in it) I won't do it often but I will do it again (probably won't be available next time I go)

Anyways, food coma is kicking in, time to let it digest. 🙂 Gonna try to get some coding done tonight, but if the way I'm feeling typing this is anything to go by, I may just do some 'simple' stuff.
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Some more #WIP brought over the questions into the game, few bugs fixed, tweaks done, moved to #gms2 . #gamedev #indiegame #indiedev

So, now GMS2 is out of Beta, I decided to move my project over to it, and compile it there, the reason I'm saying this, it has a new compile style now, it comes as either an installer or a .zip file. (it doesn't come as a single .exe)

I'll will provide both eventually, when I've worked out a 'legal agreement' to put in the installer and a way to hide the files that I have as 'includes' within the game, there has to be a way to obfuscate the data, we'll see.

I've brought the questions and answers thing over from the prototyping into the main game, I took 209 of the completed questions and made it so that if you approach the door without the key, you get a question, get the question right, the door unlocks, but will re-lock when you go back to the floor. If you have a key, it will unlock and stay unlocked.

I'm still needing the other parts of the questions and answers to be answered, but I've changed my approach now, a friend of mine suggested I use categories, as a lot of questions will fall under the same category. Then all I need to do is get online and obtain lists of things, animals, fruit, male actors, etc.

Again, if you'd like to help, either by provided answers to the questions or deciding which category they would fall under, your welcome to help. Should the category not be in the drop down, just type it, I'll add it to the list of categories when I see it.

The link to the Google Sheets is

Few other tweaks I had to do, like, the enemies could, if you caught them just right, cut the corners and get you, no, no, no, stopped that, they now have to follow the walls. Few other bugs were ironed out as well, but as usual, I have spotted a few more and manage to generate a few more.

You'll see below a little run of what it does, you can just about make it out, I had to make it really small or twitter would knock it back (anything over 5mb bounces)

Well, ongoing process I believe, funny being a single developer with a full time life.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

little more #gamedev more to do with the questions and answers, changes and direction of an #indiedev


So, as you remember I've got/had an idea for the locked doors in my game, it involved various puzzles to allow you to unlock the door without the key.

Well, I had to work on the question and answer part (as I've decided to prototype parts of the game outside the game, as compiling the whole game just to test a small part is a pain)

So, now I'm thinking, is 10 seconds too long or too short to be able to answer the question, maybe I can have the time based on the level difficulty, who knows… something to ponder on.

Also, in the post below this one (were I'm asking for help), while I've put the Q & A's on the google sheets, I've also added a 'Category' now, i.e you may come across a question that falls under a previous 'Category', the reason for doing this it will be easier to search for a list of items, say Male Actors, Fruits, Animals, etc and then have the code pull 3 randoms from that list. This will allow me to get the Q & A's completed much, much quicker. (The link for the Q & A's in in the post below)

Anyways, just below you'll see what I was thinking for the box, etc (which will change size based on the longest line of text it receives) fingers crossed when I've ironed out the little bugs (as there is some) it will just slide right into my main game and I can then move onto puzzle type 2 (or another part of the game) you can't see the mouse (as I didn't have that setting on recording) but as the text turns red, that is me hovering my mouse over the words. When the box shrinks, it's because I've clicked on the correct answer. (ignore all the other debug data, it's just for, well, debugging)

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

a #gamedev looking for help. Is there anybody who you know could/would help?

So, a big part in this stage I’m at with my game I’m doing, is a multiple choice question thing (it’s been mentioned a few times now) and I’ve tried various ways to make it easier for people to help me (and let me put this out there, I’m still doing it myself, I just need/want it done a little quicker)

I’ve tried putting it out to FB, but I only got one potential biter and then that dwindled away, so I’m going to put this, and then NOT post this to FB (yet, as I’ve only just posted another request), but all my other places, just to see if anybody in this world is willing to help. Even if a few hundred people only answer 5 each, that will still get a bigger chunk of my thing done.

Feel free to share this post to as many people as you see fit, maybe people out there who would enjoy doing this, etc.

So, I’ve put the Q & A’s in Google ‘Sheets’ now, so nobody even needs any software to help, the just need a browser.

Go to this link, and feel free to complete any or all of the ‘Wrong Answers’ you see, with some answers that bear some resemblance to the question.


Thanks in advance!!!!!!


P.S if you do help, even a few of the questions and answers, and they are meaningful and correct, you will have your name mentioned when this project gets completed, as I know it will, there is something about it, I can feel it!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bit more #indidev tonight. Questions, Encryption and (Anti)Tampering. #gamedev gets you something for #screenshotsaturday everytime.

You might remember a previous post all about the questions (I do believe someone even got one right, but they did have an unfair advantage).

So, I've been working on that for a little while now, I've had various problems, unsure if it's my coding style or the limitations of the software I'm using but I managed to overcome all the problems and ultimately get to a point that I'm happy with.

So, here is the thing, the questions and answers, I really don't want someone being able to find them (at the moment, I'm using temporary questions and answers which are on the net anyways, but when they are replaced, this will apply) as that defeats the purpose of the game puzzle, as you could just open the file and there is the answer. So I had to opt for some form of encryption.

So, I've got to a stage now were the files are encrypted so looking at them won't give you the information right away and I've also incorporated a simple tampering mechanism, which can detect if you try to change the external data, any changes to see what happens will cause the questions to change (and the answers) to the point were it advises you to restart the game (unless you've made a backup of them and put them back the way they were and continue the game)

While it's not the ultimate protection, it's more of a deterrent and a lesson for me in encryption and anti-tamper methods.

People have been saying to me, why the extreme, my answer…….why not?

Just wondering now what's the next thing I'm going to move onto/start.

Inline images 1

Generally speaking it will happen in stages, the more you tamper the more it shows, see below.

Before Tampering

Inline images 2

Slight Tampering with external file.

Inline images 3

Major Tampering

Inline images 4

I might even implement a MD5 check that quits the game if you cheat, who knows. 🙂

Thursday, February 23, 2017

#ThursdayThoughts YYC Compile Vs Normal Compile / Space & Speed Vs Time To Compile #indiedev #gamedev

So, this programming language I'm using has a few options under the bonnet (or hood for some people)

I hit the play button (to run my code) in the normal mode, maybe 30s to compile, and there we go.

But if I do the YYC compile, the same exact code takes about (well, one of my test compiles showed me this) 18 minutes.

Now, 'that is too long I hear you cry' but think of it this way. [off the wall explanation coming up]

You want to speak to someone in a language you don't understand, lets say you want to speak to someone in Mandarin (and before people come at me with, I know Mandarin, it's only an example!)

So, you start doing an email or a letter, you have to get your native language into, lets say, Google Translate, and then you copy the result back into the email. They email you back, you have to take their text, run it through the translator and get the result. You can imagine how slow that is, it gets the same results, but a little longer.

Well, that is what happens with the normal 'runner' versus the YYC compiler, except the YYC compiler has taught you how to speak Mandarin, so you get the same results, but it's quicker, but, you know that time it took to 'Learn' Mandarin, well that is the additional time during the first compile.

So, it's worth while in the end, but the lesson learned is… during basic coding, testing, debugging, etc.. the normal compile, if I then want to test a close to final product that would/could crash at the drop of a hat, then it's the YYC

Oh, and an addendum to this little explanation, that is only the FIRST compile, any subsequent
compiles, unless there is any major changes, it only takes seconds.. 🙂

Hope this is helpful to someone as I had to learn the hard way, changing a lot of my code to make it compile in the YYC, but it's worth it in the end.

Enjoy the rest of ya day!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

learned (learnt) a new word today mesmerization, I guess it 'could' fall under #TuesdayMotivation?


It happens with various things, sunsets, sunrises, 'psychedelic' colours, etc but a friend of mine shared this on FB today, so I had to reshare, just keep watching it. Oh, and while you are watching, remember this…'math is a wonderful thing'

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

#coding in my level difficulty for my #indiedev and thinking more about a #plot but I really need #art and #graphics

So, I have been trying to get my game so it's self adapting based on a few key variables within, one of them being 'level difficulty'

I'm thinking to start, just simple like, Easy, Medium and Hard. Using that theory I figured a value I could apply to most of the routines, that way, if it's an Easy level then there would be less locked doors, less enemies, etc

Another suggestion that was given to me, was the ratio between corridors vs rooms, so, taking that into account, Easy levels have more corridors and less rooms,Hard level have more rooms and less corridors. (see below the three types of levels as an example)

These rooms *will* have something in then, something to do, something to collect, all that stuff, I've not fleshed out anything down there yet, I'm thinking the plot will help me decided those factors.

Now, the plot, I'm thinking of a 'High Rise' type game, it could have levels (again, if the levels get harder, I can tweak the 'difficulty' value to affect gameplay) but each level is a high rise building which has 'floors' accessible via stairs (or an elevator, haven't decided that part), and you have to do a 'task' per building? I haven't thought that far ahead (ideas on a postcard please) Possible thoughts are, collect parts of 'something' to make a complete 'something' to let you get out of the high-rise.

One of the things I'm thinking more about now, is looking for graphics, mainly using 'free' test graphics to get 'stuff' working, but I'm thinking with additional art, it may spark more ideas, it may also help the direction it will go. But where do I go to ask?

Anyways, here are the 3 sizes of the levels


Inline images 1


Inline images 2


Inline images 3

Provide another update when I've done 'something'  more:)

Friday, February 17, 2017

bit more #gamedev - questions, questions, questions....

Hey All,

So, what I been doing, well mainly 'thunking' to be honest.

I've been chatting with people to get ideas on how I can get around a 'coding issue'. So here is the thing, I could have random doors and keys, but if the key is placed after the door, that you are out of luck. So I needed a solution….


So, the thing, you get to a door that is locked, you don't have a key, a panel opens up (think of it like zooming into the keypad) and you are presented with a puzzle.

It could be

multi-choice question and answer (with some forfeit happening for too long, to many guesses etc)

Inline images 1

a tile based number slider, were you have to get the numbers into a 1 thru 8 (as 9 would be the space) (remember them?)

Inline images 3

a 'spot the difference' pictures

Inline images 4

[more to come, if I thunk hard enough or I get ideas from others]

So, I've gone about finding some 'general questions' online, I've found a list of 9,999 questions and answers, the problem I have now, I need to generate 9,999 * 3 (as it's a 4 multi choice) wrong answers… Hmmmmm, so do I do it all myself, do I reach out to friends and family and offer them chunks of questions?

It wouldn't be too hard, as the person can just answer similar answers to the answer provided, so there is not a lot of thinking involved, but how do I broach the subject.

Time to carry on 'Thunking' I think.

Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, feel free to reach out to me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Keys, doors, enemies and more randomness within my #code for my #indiedev

So, a little more on my game (again, slow and steady wins the race).

So, I've got the keys appearing (well, only 4 of them by choice) and doors appearing (matching the keys) and a couple of weapons, but it's all random (I'll have to try to put some non-randomness in randomness I'm generating) but I basically wanted to get it running to the point where I can just copy and paste my code as I add more stuff.

You can download the executable from the usual link and try it yourself, the basic controls are the following :-

Shift & Left click can position the pathfinder player (although he should be positioned already, just look for him)
Right click will make the pathfinder player and the WASD player head towards that click if there is a path to get there.

F1 displays the debug info (including Seed number I'd need for debugging)
F2 will zoom in (path finding looks/works best if you are zoomed out, left click position, right click to move/path, THEN hit F2 to zoom in) will follow player under WASD control
F3 restarts screen (draw another level with another seed)
F4 Turns on and off the 'basic' instructions when you first start the game.
ESC quits.

There are a few other keys in there, they may do something, they may not 🙂

When running, if you notice a error, i.e. a place were the player could escape (not were they just can't get from room to room) you can turn on debug mode (F1), and then press [enter] and a file is output into the %localappdata% under the folder called gameunknownV3, filename debugoutput.txt you would copy and paste that info into another text file to save and provide to me.

Feel free to provide me some/any feedback via any means that you know how. 🙂

Monday, February 13, 2017


Here is my entry.

Theme was either Two button controls or Growing (or both) I opted for the ‘two button controls’

Now the game is called Survive, and all you have to do it that.

On the Window Version (the main submission) you press Z to move yourself around the outside of the screen,and you use X to shoot, but you are limited to the amount of shooting you can do (that is intentional).

When you first start the game, the motion meter won’t start falling until you move (that was just to allow for people to start the game and then get their fingers on the keys ready)

If you stop moving, your ‘Motion’ meter goes down, if it gets to the bottom, it’s Game Over (press space to go back to the Title Page)

If a sprocket hits you, again, Game Over, be careful by the corners, you don’t want to be there when it fires one out.

See how high of a score you can get, it will keep your highest score until you close the game down.

There is also a Android version and a HTML5 version, they are both for people who don’t have access to a windows machine, just to see how it works. The HTML5 version operates pretty much the same as the Windows version. The Android version if different, you have an auto-fire and you touch the screen to move around but the game mechanics are the same (Motion runs out, or you get hit by a sproket it’s game over and it’s double tap to restart) {Please note, the Android version has no special permissions, but has to be side-loaded into your cell phone, and is set for version 2.2 and up)

I have tried my HTML5 version in various browsers, some need a ‘refresh’ to start it loading (don’t know why). Worked in MS Edge with no issues.

Hope you enjoy it, constructive criticism and positive feedback will be appreciated.

Windows EXE –

Windows Zip –

Android 2.2^ –


Unconventional Weapon

Here is my entry for the ‘Unconventional Weapon’

Cornflake Capers – I actually got the idea from the initial Twitter post, with a picture of a spoon, and I thought, yeah, why can’t a spoon be the weapon, but what will it fire…..and Cornflake Capers was born.


Shoot the Cornflakes from the spoon to blow up the mouths around the screen. You start with 20 flakes, when you have 4 or less (flakes), within 20 seconds another bowl will appear. Collect it to get another 10 flakes.

W A S D to move, Mouse to direct and shoot. Enjoy your Bananas peeps.

See how long you can last, try to beat your previous score, or try to beat your previous time, better still, try to beat both.

Graphics are from real things in my house, with the exception of the mouth, I have to say thanks to the Wife for allowing me to use her mouth for a animation.

I have also included the tunes in the game as a separate zip file, as I’ve had people before (previous LD’s) say to me they enjoyed the tunes, so I figured I’d allow you to download them.

Game has been tested and plays fully in Firefox 37.0.1 if you use another browser and it doesn’t work fully, well, what can I say, except download FF.

Hope you enjoy my little entry.

Web –

Windows –

Windows Zipped –

Tunes in OGG –

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Checking My Auto Poster Works again. #annoyingtech

So, I put a post last night, had to manually do it, was all because of my .gif's (they were causing an error), so that being said, I'm going to test this, with a funny animated gif to see if it will take it, and post it to my site, twitch, FB, etc. Hope there are not too many words for you to read? 🙂

Hope you are all having a relaxing Saturday.

Inline images 2

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Little more progress in my #gamedev #indiedev

So, after getting the level generator finished (I think, at least I've not come across any bugs) I've now moved back into my main game.

Had to try out a few more things, like allowing the player to move within the areas (and not allowed through walls) and I decided to chuck a few enemies in there, so I could see movement

So, at the moment, I have a few keys in play.

Insert – Turns on Debug Mode

Home – Regenerate Level

Page Up – Alternates between full screen and small view

WASD – Will move guy around that has 4 red lines around him

Left Mouse – Will position 'other' guy anywhere in the map

Right Mouse – if a route is available to the 'other' guy, he will head to the right click

If debug mode is enabled, and you press enter a file will be output to your %localappdata% under a folder called roombuilder, if you notice a break or an escape point, feel free to turn on debug, and press enter, go to that file and then open it and let me know the 'seed' number, I can then replicate and fix the issue.

Well, at least it's a step in the right direction.

Again, it can be downloaded from[SRE]_POC_WithDebugOutput.exe

Let me know what ya think!!!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Still keeping the fingers in the #indiedev and #gamedev pies.

I find it so difficult to maintain a blog/log/vlog or anything of that nature, I'd like to say I'll try once a month, but if I've only made a little change I always feel that it's not that important to tell people.

So as you know, I'm trying to get a game done, it might take years, but as long as I get it done by the time I retire and it's a hit, well, I'll have my retirement money.

So, I got to the point were I thought, I need to design levels, and my original code [warning geeky bit coming up] basically read in a file that was hand-drawn using Tiled (3rd party tile/map editor), and then draw it to the screen, but it was too restricted for me, if I wanted to make the level bigger I'd have to draw it. That I can't be bothered with.

So I decided to try to do random level generation, now I'd tried this a while back, I'd watched YouTube videos and copied what they did, while it worked, it was too slow. I'd read about how the guy who did Spelunky did it, and again, I tried (this was a while back) and it failed, so it sorta put me off.

One day, I was doing something else around the home, and all of a sudden I had a thought "what if I did it this way" so for the past month, I've been working on random level generation.

All it does, [geeky alert] it's a lot of if/then statements, saying, ok, the room to my left has this opening, so the next room can only be one of these, also check the room above (if there is one), and it does this, 12 rooms across by 12 rooms down, I can go to about 18 by 18, but after that the generation is too slow and I don't want the user to be waiting (unless I put a [please wait] thingy in there, but we'll see). So, you'll see by the little animation below, I'm hitting R on the keyboard and a new level is being generated. I could make levels smaller, so I can use that as 'level difficulty'

I've got other ideas in my head at the moment, but for now, I wanted to show 'some' progress. I'll try to remember to put some stuff up as I can.

You can download the .exe from my site here and test it yourself. The boxes and numbers and 'deleted spaces' are all 'debugging' routines, as I want to make it as 'correct' as possible.[SRE]_POC.exe

[geeky people, SRE = Single Runtime Executable and POC = Proof Of Concept]

Feel free to provide feedback, most of you will have my email address, if not, get me on FB, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.

Laters Peeps.

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Why Oh Why, Oh, Why, people need some #wednesdaywisdom

So, I get these regularly but I figured I might as well put this on the front page, so if one of 'those' people try again, they might realize that it's not worth it.

So, this website you are viewing, doesn't have anything worthwhile, it has no shopping cart option, it's has no sensitive information, etc, but I do understand that people might want to try to get into the back end so they can use it as a 'bot', maybe even try to get my email addresses to use, but then again, my emails address I use have 2FA, so if you try to use them from anywhere other than my registered PC's I'll know.

But, c'mon guys… give it up, every-time someone tries to access it, I get a copy of the username you are trying and the IP address you are trying from (with or without VPN), so it shows me what usernames NOT to use and I just log all the IP's and if you even try to get into the back end, if you manage to get past my VPS host, I have a 'jail' on my system to if you try to brute force in (even though I only login with SSH credentials anyhow) your IP you are using gets 'jailed' and you'll have to keep changing your IP to try again, on something that is not going to work.

Stop wasting your time, move onto another, less secure website, it's ruining my day having to hit 'delete' on the email I get.


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