Saturday, October 31, 2015

Leave a pair of sweats on the bed...... Bella moves in. She must have been tired. :)

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Happy Halloween everybody, I hope you have a safe night, whatever you are doing. #spooky #ghosts #saturday

Afternoon All,

Finally sitting down after just mulching the leaves in the back yard, and I still have slight pins and needles in my hands from the leaf-blower, so a little challenging to type.

So, I did a bit of research on this and there is nothing really definitive to say if is a good thing a bad thing, etc. If anybody knows why it only happens to me with the leaf-blower and not any other vibrating tool feel free to reply.

Hope you all have a lovely day and evening.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

#HappyHalloweenEve - Need a #favor from you all (or any of you) - [Sorry, may involve #reading the rest of the post] -

Afternoon peeps,

It's Friday, yaaaaayyyy!

So, here is the favor, I would like you to go to my website ( and if you can comment below (on what ever social media you are seeing this on) let me know if it appears quick or really slow. I'm just wondering what it looks like to 'other' people. If you are on my site already, just add it in the comments below this post. (try to compare this to other websites you may go to that are seemingly fast, feel free to share those site links, so I can try them too)

I have reports from people that sometimes it's slow, I don't know if it's their connection or my site.

Do the pictures appear fast, navigating around, fast enough, any slowdowns/bottle necks?

Appreciate all/any feedback.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ooooh, it's #NationalCatDay and #ThrowbackThursday, which one do I choose? I think I'll go with #tbt =-)

Hello Peoples,

How are you all on this fine (and drier today) Thursday morning? (I know, people ahead of me on time-zones are later, don't get pedantic :) )

So far today, it's been a pleasant day for me, but as you know if you say that, something usually goes wrong, so lets pretend I didn't.

No issues for me on the way to work today, guess all those people are on a day off today.

Hope you all have a lovely day today,

Oh, P.S……. Sorry Keith, I had too. =-)

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Apparently it's #NATIONALILOVEYOUDAY, so make sure you tell #everybody =-) Oh, another #rant today, 3 in a row =-)

Morning Everybody,

How are you all on this (for me) miserable rainy day? I have a question, so feel free to read all of this post and give me your views)

Based on my two days of moaning yesterday, anticipating the 3rd day today, I was nearly work, all disappointed that I'd have nothing to say, but someone helped me out in being a jerk on the road…so I'm all happy again.

It's all because I tried to be courteous.

So I'm heading to work, and there is a slip road on-junction were cars merge into the two lanes (one of which I am on, right side), so I move over, to allow them to join. Problem is, the next exit is the one I'm leaving, so I need to get back into the land I was originally in.

So, there is this idiot, sorry I mean driver, along side me in his Merc (I know, I'm presuming it's because of his car), I've got my indicator on, I try to speed up to get in front of him, he speeds up, I try to slow down to get behind him, he slows down, really.

I look over to him, he has the nerve to give me the 'ugly' look, like I was in the wrong? Was I? should I have just stayed in that lane to start with?

Opinions please!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#weather, #law, speed limits and lane #hogging - I can vouch, it's people all over the world who can't drive!


So, I guess it's rant week this week, they say third times the charm, so tomorrow should be my last. :)

So, I have utmost respect for people who want to do the legal speed limit, but the ones that annoy me are the ones who, when clearly they don't have to be doing the following,

A) Drive in the incorrect lane for miles, when the lane they are supposed to be in, by law, is clear.
B) Drive 5-10 miles a hours under the legal speed limit because of the weather, in the lane mentioned in item A.
C) Drive 5-10 foot behind you, when clearly you are stuck behind a person mentioned in item A and B.
D) Cause me to break the law, by under-taking as I wish to do the legal speed limit, but have to get around the person mentioned in item A and B, but have to watch out for the person trying to undertake me as mentioned in item C.

Now, I totally understand I'm not a perfect driver, but I have to say, I have consideration for other user on the road and I 99.9% of the time use common sense (another thing that seems to be missing in today world). <— UK <— USA (Covers Various States)

Rant over, enjoy the rest of your day peoples.

TL;DR; People of today, cannot drive!

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Monday, October 26, 2015

#indicators, #turnsignals, #flashers, what ever you want to call them, they are there for a reason.

G’Morning Wonderful Peoples,

It’s Monday morning and so far, so good, with the exception of the drive to work.

I’m sure somewhere in all ‘Highway Codes’ (UK and USA) there is a portion of how you should operate, just before you are going to turn.

There is a lever on one side of the steering column, one that operates your windscreen (windshield) wiper, and the other side makes something on the panel start flashing and you hear a tick, tick sound. What is that again?

Feel free to share the wisdom to your fellow drivers =-)

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

No #nightmares from my cheese, although I did #learn something this morning from someone #online.

Good Afternoon, 

It's Sunday and it's a lovely day. (Oh, and for some people the time difference between me and the UK is only 4 hours for a week, as the UK clocks have gone back, the US ones do it next Sunday)

So, you may (or may not) have saw my picture last night of my late night snack, well, you will all be happy to know, I didn't have any nightmares, although the wife stated I was a little windy (although I blame it on one of the animals)

But I did read the following (although, medically, it sounds plausible, I have no medical proof to back it up, it's around the internet a lot, but you also know the internet shouldn't always be believed) 

"Cheese is a rich source of neuroactive compounds including the monoamine called "tyramine", which has provokes the release of adrenaline.

When we go to sleep a small part of the brainstem, called the locus coeruleus, switches on and through its connections with other regions of the brain triggers rem (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is associated with dreaming.

The name locus coeruleus is latin for "blue place" and if you cut across the brainstem with a knife you can clearly see the blue-coloured nerve cells that comprise this region. The cells are pigmented by neuromelanin, the neurological equivalent of a suntan. Neuromelanin is made as a biproduct in the synthesis of the nerve transmitters noradrenaline (a relative of adrenaline) and dopamine. These chemicals are derived from tyrosine, the same stuff used to make melanin in skin cells.

So the locus coeruleus, which triggers dream-sleep, uses noradrenaline as its nerve transmitter. Since cheese contains tyramine, which has the ability to potentiate the action of adrenline-like nerve transmitters, it is likely that eating cheese before bed fools the brain into thinking that there is more adrenaline waashing around than normal, making dreams more vivid.

Famously, when some of the first antidepressants were invented they worked by blocking the breakdown of monoamine / indolamine nerve transmitters including dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin by inhibiting an enzyme called MAO (monoamine oxidase). But when patients on these drugs ate cheese it could provoke periods of life-threateningly high blood pressure and a racing heart rate, through the uncontrolled release of adrenaline as there was no MAO to breakdown the tyramine in the diet."

TL;DR; Cheese can give some people nightmares, not all. Enjoy your Sunday.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Do #midnight snacks have to be at midnight? and does #cheese really give you #nightmares

Evening All,

I'm going to have to double check this typing before I hit submit, I have an 'owie'. Reaching in for a piece of computer hardware, and there was another piece of computer hardware, nice and sharp, waiting there to meet my finger. Ouch!!

Anyways, I digress, so yeah…

Who gets nightmare from cheese if they have it too late? I don't know if I do, I don't think I do, but we'll see after this little snack..

Nice cheese on toast with a bit of Worcestershire sauce splashed over it. Nom, Nom, Nom.

Oh and a Sam Adams along side to swill it down.. :)

G'night peeps for when you (or I) go to bed

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So I #remembered an old #song, then just looked at the title of it and release year, dang, was it that long ago. #memories

Morning People, 
Take a trip back to memory lane (for some of you, you were in the minus/negative ages, so speak to your parents)
So, how many times do you ever look up a tune and think… when did that come out.. I just did that and the song I was thinking off (obviously because of the day it is) was
And while my head was boppin, I searched why the lyrics were what they were (which wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating) and looked at the release day
it was OVER 42 years ago…. Wow Elton John has been going for a (again, looked it up, he’s 68)
Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely Saturday and a relaxing one. Haircut time for me :)
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Friday, October 23, 2015

Hope you all have got that #FridayFeeling, I know I have.

Hey All,

So it's Friday and the weekend is upon us. So how's your week been? Mine has been acceptable, it's had it's ups and downs with work and various other things, but overall it's been enjoyable.

So, what is your plans for the weekend, mine I don't know yet, maybe a little Skyrim Online, maybe a little programming, maybe I'll just carry on working with my laptop for emulation.

What ever you all decide to do for the weekend, I hope it's enjoyable.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Well it's #TBT (or #throwbackthursday) and it's time to embarrass some people and put a #smile on the face of others. #Happy Days!

Morning Peeps (wait, I'm actually getting this done in the morning)

So, my two hectic days are over for now, and it would appear everything worked out okay as we got a good report back.Next one is the 5th of November, so it will all happened again a few days before that.

So this morning, bladdy idiots on the road, I wish I could get the Periscope I did this morning off my phone so I could show you, but I've not used my horn in a while. Used it this morning. :(

Anyways, it's that day were I put an embarrassing picture, so I might as well get that done, so people can wince, I'll tag it when it hits my social media so everyone knows who's who.. :)

Enjoy the rest of the day peeps, hold tight, the weekend is nearly here.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Guess we are all going #BackToTheFuture today? 30 years is a long time, still, was a good #movie though =-)

Afternoon Oh Beautiful Ones,

So it’s August 21st 2015, I’m still waiting for the delivery of my hoverboard, I guess I could drive in my car that fly’s and pick it up, but I suppose I’d have to avoid the traffic as the ‘Cubs’ won.

It’s weird, I look at things from back in the day, Back to the Future’ or ‘Star Trek’ are two examples, were I watched them when I was younger, and some of the stuff is happening now, or a variants of it.

Like, they have actually started to make a hoverboards, there are two variants, one that operates on magnets, but it works and one that operates like a small Segway. They have made flying cars (that started a while back) but they are not 100% car looking yet, they are more plane looking (search terrafugia in google). Using Star Trek as an example, they also have what’s called ‘Jet Syringes’ (search them on google) just like you used to see in Star Trek, were it doesn’t use needles.

So, while you all may look back at the old movies and laugh, some of the stuff is become real life, which, then makes you think of movies like…… The Terminator (be scared people, it MIGHT happen)

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday’

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wow! where has the day gone. been very #busy and #rushedofffeet roll on #fivethirty

Afternoon peoples,

Been a bit hectic for me today (as well as yesterday as you remember), we've got important people turning up at work tomorrow, so we have to make sure everything is as close to 100% as possible, above 80% is good for your day to day, but as they say, first impressions last (I think that was also on a Lynx commercial [axe for muricans]) addendum, system just tried to spell check muricans and it told me Americans, so at least google is up to speed…I'm rambling now

So, I THINK, I'm pretty much done for my part today, I've pulled the strings I need to pull, I've made the calls I need to make and I've pointed the people I needed to point in the right direction.

Time to site down for 10 mins and have a breather before someone else comes up and asks me to do something. I can see the pounds (stones and ounces for Brits) falling off me as we speak.

Hope you are all having a lovely day people. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

It's Monday and I have #FourWordsToLiveBy 'Roll on the #weekend'

Afternoon Guys and Gals.

Wow, just getting time to get this post written before I'm up and skedaddling along again, but I figured I'd touch base with you all just to say…..

Wow, it's gone cold all of a sudden… :)

Were did Summer go? I know we are now in Autumn (or Fall) but it's usually a touch warmer.

According to the weather man, we've got 'The Kid or Boy' coming, he's called "El Niño" and he's bringing the cold, we've already had snow up north, 4 inches and above in depth.

Why is it, us humans like to complain, if it's cold, we complain, if it's hot, we complain.. :)

Anyways, time to continue my day, and get to going home, and get to the weekend. :)

Have a good day peeps.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

So who is having fun on their #SundayFunday? Anybody?

I plan on today being as relaxing as possible, I know there are a couple of things I need to get done, like mowing over the leaves in the yard, just to mulch them down into the grass, but I plan resting after that.

Today, I fee like someone has played 'Whack a Mole' on my chest as all yesterday, while the wife was cleaning (I did help with some of it, don't worry) I was doing nothing but sneeze. Now my sneezing usually annoys people, as I can't just do one or two, it's close to 5-10 in a row, but yesterday, it was annoying ME. I'd lean over, Niagara falls, I'll blow my nose, i'd be good for a few mins, and then sneezy, sneezy again. Arrrrghhhhh! =-)

I think I'm coming down with a cold and yesterday just aided it along.

So, even with my ailments being the way they are, I still plan on having a nice Sunday, and I hope you all do too.

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If you want to see the full length (1 min 28 seconds, with audio) go to  

(it made me cry with laughter)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Word of the Day - #irony - for a non-football (soccer) follower watching a scouser play for his rival and help beat a home team.

G'Afternoon Peeps.

Saturday Afternoon here, a lovely sunny (but cold according the wife when she took the dog for a walk) day here. 

Myself and the wife just watched the back end of the match between Everton and ManU. 

Now while I'm not an avid football follower (soccer to you 'muricans) I'm still always drawn to a match that has my home teams playing, either Everton or Liverpool (and if there is a Derby, may the best team of the day, win!)

So I was just watching it, and watching Shrek, errr, sorry, I mean Wayne Rooney, playing against his first team he played for, and him being from Liverpool (Croxteth) always put a little rip into my heart. I know all the players do get together from opposing teams when it's the World Cup, but there is something about certain setups that just 'irk' me. 

I bet there is also other teams from other cities that have the same, but I don't follow them, so I don't know.

Still, it put a smile on my face, watching Everton playing (or losing) over here on a 'murican channel.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

it's #friday, Its a #perfectday to relax and #welcome in the #weekend and play some #mame -

Hey all, Happy Friday to you all.

It's the weekend for some, and it's a relaxing time for others (some people work on a weekend, but their job is a little easier)

While you are relaxing or even off work, I would like you all to think of the people who's Saturdays and Sundays become busier, like people who work in retail, who deal with all the people like us who go to the stores on our days off.

Plans for the weekend for me, I don't know, I should be programming/coding, but I've got my teeth into setting up a laptop, just for playing old emulated/retro stuff, I could use it as a 'Procrastination' excuse, but it's actually something I've wanted to do for a while.

I hope you all have a nice and relaxing Friday.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

That time of the week again, it's #throwbackthursday or is it #tbt? Always fun looking back at #memories and tagging #friends =-)

Hope you are all having a nice Thursday so far and I hope the Luke Bryan pictures were enjoyed.

So, it's Thursday and it's time for a picture, now I'm forewarning all of you, I have already got my pictures ready for each Thursday, and some of them, well, lets just say, will make YOU go 'Oh, my Gosh, did I look like that' =-)

If you are on Facebook and I use a picture with you in it, I will be tagging you, if you don't want that, then you can remove the tag yourself through Facebook.

Some are half decent, some make you wish you'd have a time travel machine to go back and change a few things. Just warning you all now. =-)

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#dinnertime is always a nice time when someone has #cooked it for you. Thanks hunny. #loveya

Luke Bryan concert pictures are up - Enjoy! -

Hey All,

Finally I got to upload my pictures from the Luke Bryan concert on Monday night.

They are all available at and if you scroll down near the bottom you'll see Luke Bryan Oct 2015 (I know, I know, I'll fix it eventually so the newer ones are at the top, but for now scroll down, that is why they invented the middle mouse wheel :) )

Hope you enjoy them.

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Being reliant on the #internet so much, when everything is up in the #cloud is a burden when it comes to #personal projects or #gamedev

Happy Wednesday everybody,

So, the observant of you all might have seen that I didn't put my concert pictures up like planned.

Well, that is because all last night we were having internet issues. I'm unsure if it was the cable company or my router and I really wasn't in the mood last night to be troubleshooting. A power cycle temporarily fixed it, but looking this morning, it may be down again. Arrrghhh!

That being said, all I did was go through the pictures, touch a few of them up, colours, brightness, etc and deleted a few of the really bad 'not worth pictures'. So, tonight, providing the internet is stable I will be uploading the pictures to a gallery. I'll put a couple of Facebook, Twitter, etc, but the other 80+ will be on my website.

Middle of the week for most, and the weekend is just around the corner. Yaaaay!

Have an enjoyable rest of your day.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Really enjoyed the #LukeBryan concert last night, it was #cool and we were #tired when we got #home, but .....

Hello there peoples,

So, the Luke Bryan concert was really enjoyable last night (and rest of the pictures will be put up later on today) but there was one thing that was 'irking' me. I don't know if it's something that 'should' bother me, as it's the way technology is today. But I think back, and I compare to camera, even those 'chuckers' back in the day.

Back then, there was no video recording (as such), there was no 'just hold it up in the air and tap the photo button 20-30 times so you make sure you have a good shot' It was 'wind it on', hold it up, snap (hope for the best), pull it down, wind it on, rinse, repeat.

This gave everybody a chance of having their photo/camera up there with nobody blocking there view. When you reached 36 shots (if you were lucky enough to be able to afford the 36 shot variety) it was game over for you (unless you had another camera). So last night, it was a touch annoying, every time I went to put my camera/phone up, 16 or more people were in the way, and they weren't in the way with the small disposable camera's, they were in the way with the latest, LARGE phones or tablet. Anyways…… rant over

Oh, on a side note, it's 'No Bra Day' today… good job I'm not wearing mine.

TL;DR; Some times modern technology can actually ruin things, slightly.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

#selfie #lukebryan #farmtour2015

#selfie #lukebryan #farmtour2015

#lukebryan concert here we come. #muddy tracks, need ATV ;-)

#lukebryan concert here we come. #muddy tracks, need ATV ;-)

What a #ColumbusDay we are having so far, we wake up this #morning with a 1/2 mile visibility #foggymorning, luckily it didn't last long.

Afternoon all,

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday (Morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever and whenever you are…. [thanks Ben for that line])

The weather is definitely changing, I woke up to 'Pea Soup' as the wife calls it, looking online that seems like really BAD fog, but it's not that bad, honest.

It was surreal though (and I bet a good portion of you won't be shocked by this statement) there were still people shooting past me at speed on the way to work, like they didn't care, like they had no common sense. Just glad there was no accidents for me on the way to work.

Road Cam-shot courtesy of (was taken a few hours back).

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What a #ColumbusDay we are having so far, we wake up this #morning with a 1/2 mile visibility #foggymorning, luckily it didn't last long.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

#Goodnight peeps, sleep well, hope you all have #sweetdreams. :-)

#Goodnight peeps, sleep well, hope you all have #sweetdreams. :-)

Phew, busy morning, #gardening, trimming hedges, makes the #weekend harder, looks good when #finally done. Now #gamedev I think!

The world has so much beauty out there, but some of it, although provided by mother nature, you have to look after yourself. Boy, sometimes it's a challenge.

Luckily we have a riding mower, so a majority of it is easy, but there is the edges, the hedge trimming, the leaf blowing (especially Autumn time).

I have to say though, when it's done, and you look back at it, it does make you smile and your hard work actually looks good.

Plan on having a relaxing Sunday myself, so I hope you guys out there all do the same.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Look Site - New Logo Coming Soon - #newsite #newlogo #saturday @LittleTvMen

Morning Peeps, 

It's Saturday, it's a lovely day (well the day is dull and rainy, but I feel happy, so I don't care).

Spent most of last night messing around with my site, I just wanted a new look, the old look, while it was nice, didn't have that 'zing' that I wanted.

Feel free to go and look and give me your feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome, if they are doable and I agree, I may implement the ideas. :)

I have a good friend of mine designing me a logo for the top, the current one I just used an online logo maker as a filler, so as soon as I get that I'll be replacing what you see. So if the logo is something you don't like, there is no need to comment as it will change.

Hopefully doing some coding later, so I should (said very loosely) upload a screeny and a caption for screenshotsaturday later.

If I don't speak to you again, enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

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New Look Site - New Logo Coming Soon - #newsite #newlogo #saturday @LittleTvMen

Friday, October 9, 2015

I was steaming but didn't go boom! - #FridayFeeling #friday #itstheweekend -

Well, I was not actually steaming myself, but our car was. Always the way, when you don't want something to happen, something happens. :)

I got a couple of messages from my car, it was telling me "engine hot, turn off A/C" and I got a" HOT COOLANT" message. I was very lucky though, I was about 2 minutes from my job, so I got to my parking space, shut off the engine and I did notice steam coming from under the bonnet (or hood) I left it (didn't open the hood, as you are actually advised NOT to open a bonnet for at least 20-30 mins) walked away, called the wife and she arranged for a tow truck to come and get the car and take it to the garage to look at it. Hope it's not too expensive, hoping it's just the thermostat or something simple, but we'll see.

At least I'll be getting chauffeured home tonight, as the wife has to come and collect me. [love ya hunny, for doing all that, and tonight's ride home]

Anyways, here is a funny piccy to put a smile on ya'll faces, as it is Friday after all.

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I was steaming but didn't go boom! - #FridayFeeling #friday #itstheweekend -